Attar Al Kaaba

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If you love agarwood fragrances, this one is for you. Attar Al Kaaba is about Arabic tradition done with respect and quality. The combination of agarwood, roses, musk and saffron is sensual and comfortable. Wearing it is like being hugged by someone that you love. The agarwood is resinous, but not so thick, has something slightly spicy and sweet, and blends perfectly with a silky rose and a creamy woody musky drydown. There is also a slight hint of saffron contained within this oil. This excellent perfume oil brings out the best of what the Arabic perfumery can bring to you if you love agarwood and roses.

This excellent attar or perfume oil comes in a beautiful velvet display box. The box, shaped like the Ka'aba in Makkah, opens up to reveal the exclusive perfume within. This is one of the most popular perfumes from the Al Haramain range. Ideal as a gift or for personal use. 

Top notes:        Oud                                                                      

Middle notes:   Sandalwood                                      

Base notes:       Amber, Taif Rose



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