Al Haramain Exclusive Sample Sets

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Prestige set:

Discover the Prestige Collection and get to know the quality of Al Haramain Exclusive. The Prestige Set consists of all 8 perfumes of the Prestige line in the form of original Al Haramain Perfumes samples(1 ml).


Premium set:

Get to know the authentic Arabic fragrance experience with the Premium Set! The set consists of the following 6 oils from the Premium Collection: Mukhallath Seufi, Hayati, Safwa, Tajibni, Atifa Noir, Atifa Blanche. (1 ml samples)


Special Editions set:

Get to know the authentic Arabic fragrance experience with the Special Editions set! The set consists of the following 4 oils from the Special editions collection: Najm Gold, Najm Noir, Omry Uno and Omry Due. (1 ml samples) 


Discovery set:

You can choose which products you would like to try by purchasing the Discovery Set. Please indicate your selection of five samples during the ordering process by entering the names of the fragrances in the comment box. Maximum of 1 sample per fragrance. (1 ml samples)


*No samples available of Sheikh, Dehnal Oudh Seufi, Dehnal Oudh Amiri, L'Aventure, Maze.


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