Al Haramain was established in the Holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia and catering to the perfumery needs of the people all around the globe since 1970. Al Haramain Perfumes has been winning the hearts of customers by delivering excellent product quality and long lasting fragrances. The broad range of fragrances are presented in more than 100 Al Haramain Perfumes showrooms around the world. 

Al Haramain Perfumes guarantees thats its fragrances are prepared with only the highest quality of ingredients. Equally significant is the attention given to the unique packaging of the perfumes, aiming at only the best and promising an absolute treat to the eyes. Its creations after creations have been adoring the exotic, the romantic, the introvert & the contemporary in many ways than one. Naturally, from a perfumery that indulges in phycology, the world can look forward to perfumes with distinctive personality.





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