Ode of Oudh

Ode of Oudh is nothing short of poetry. Appropiate for any day of the year, but most effective on those special & romantic occasions, this daring floral woody potion is essentially a fragrance designed for the dreamers who know what they want, and how they're getting it. It's lush, it's sensual. It's vibrant and predominantly seductive. The top note is a spice facade concealing the bubbly floral middle notes, an ominous indication of the organized chaos that it's going to unleash.



Top notes:         Basil, Anethol, Artemisia, Clove

Middle notes:    Cedar wood, Freesia

Base notes:        Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla, Agarwood


Eau de Parfum: 70 ml

€ 195,00

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